100 Days Of Ads Day 12 – Adding Google Analytics Tracking

This is "day 12" for me because I started while running ads for clients.

For my own ads, it's actually day 6.

I started with a Page Likes campaign to less developed countries, to get some cheap Likes on my Facebook page. Almost 700 likes so far, for a little over $30!

I'll probably let that run up into the 2K range.

It's possible that those cheap likes could eventually turn into buyers some day in the future, but it's a lot more likely that people from what I call the "big four" countries (US/CAN/AUS/UK) will buy sooner than later. 

So we ran a Deep Dive Survey to those countries. Specifically, people into music for deep meditation.

Then I decided to go really broad and do a DDS for people in those countries in general (not in any specific interest).

Started getting some amazing survey responses from people seeing more relaxation:

The "music for deep meditation" campaign is giving me cheaper leads:

However, one thing I know from experience is that cheap leads don't necessarily lead to more profit.

I'd like to get an offer in front of people asap.

  1. However, it's important for me to know who is buying. And by "who" I mean, "which traffic source?"

If people in the music for deep meditation group are more likely to buy, I can focus on that.

Tracking which group is giving me which quiz answers would be nice as well.

I'll install Google Analytics on my site to make all that happen.

Should I Use Google Tag Manager?

One way to install Google Analytics (GA) is to install Google Tag Manager (GTM) then use GTM to install GA. 

However, you can also install GA directly. I'm going to do that for this walkthrough because it's simpler.

Hopefully that decision doesn't come back to bite me in the butt.

Here's the official guide to installing the GA code

1. Set up a property. I'm also creating a new account first.

2. Install Global Site Tag on the site

Google gives the code to copy and paste:

And then I'll go into my Thrive Dashboard (you can do this wherever your site has you add Analytics & Scripts)... and I'll paste the script in the <head> section of every page on the site.

That wasn't too painful, was it?

Now I need to add something called "UTM parameters" for the source of my data.

I'll do that within each ad. 

I'm going to do this in a very simple way for now because I have just one ad with two traffic sources and can implement a more complex tracking plan later as I scale out the advertising. 

I'll open the ad with the "Big Four Targeting" for editing, and I'll scroll to the bottom to the "URL Parameters" field.

Then I'll click "Build a URL Parameter" below it.

I'll add FBbig4sharingmusic as the Campaign Source value.

This means traffic coming from Facebook, the Big 4 countries, with the "I'm sharing some relaxing music" ad. Maybe this is too simple but I just want to get it done. I can fine tune it whenever I'd like.

Now Facebook will add ?utm_source=FBbig4sharingmusic to the end of my links from that ad, and Google Analytics will be able to report that and other traffic sources to me, whenever I want to see where my page views are coming from.

Speaking of other traffic sources, what about the people in the Big 4 countries who like music for deep meditation? 

I'll open their ad and give them the Campaign Source FBbig4deepsharingmusic

And that's it! As long as I remembered to hit Publish at each step, my UTM_source parameters for links from each ad are now in place.

If someone ends up on the "Thank You" page for a specific product, and I see a specific source in Google Analytics, then I'll know specifically where that visitor came from.

I could have added Campaign Medium, Campaign Name, and Campaign Content parameters, and maybe I will as I start advertising on other networks such as Google search, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Pinterest, etc... but for now it's fine to keep it as simple as we have.

It would be good for me to write the parameters down somewhere in a "Universal Tracking Plan" (credit John Belcher of AdSkills for teaching me about that)... but I just wrote them down in this post so I'm not going to worry about it yet.

Next up, creating an offer based on my survey results!