100 Days Of Ads Day 6 – FB Page Likes Campaign

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post should be taken as advice. It is a case study demonstrating my own experience running ads.

Yes I’m starting on day 6. I’m tweeting my progress and also doing 100 Days of Code and 100 Days of Music.

I’ve been running ads for clients for the past few days but I feel a deep, driving desire to sell my own music and help people relax, so… here we go!

First Things First: Make A Plan

My plan is to help people relax, meditate, sleep, do yoga, massage, etc etc, by providing relaxing music for all of the above.

I did some market research and it seems like getting sleep and beating stress are two of the biggest goals people have related to this.

There are three main phases to ads / marketing:

  1. Warming up cold traffic
  2. Selling to warm traffic
  3. Retargeting non-buyers

There are also levels of awareness… Some people are aware they have a problem but they don’t know how they might solve it. They’re searching for information about solutions. Others do have specific solutions in mind. They’re shopping for a business to provide that solution.

What’s my solution? I went back to my Conscious Business Guide to check out the Value Ladders lesson as a reminder:

I can try selling low-cost relaxation tracks for $7 and a bigger pack for $77… also could give away a free track… and then I can strategically ask questions of people who buy those.

Asking may help me find what more expensive services they might want, because nothing’s coming to mind other than my Yes! Healing modality but I’m not convinced that people will want that.

Nor am I convinced that people will want to buy my music.

Only one way to find out, right?

A Lesson From My Father

My dad is a marathon runner. When we would go jogging, he emphasized that a big part of success was to do it consistently. Running fast, doing interval training, hill training, etc, were extra. Just putting in the miles is one of the keys to success.

Likewise, with ads, as long as you’re not putting out ads that make people hate you, just getting them going and learning how to interpret the data is crucial to maybe becoming profitable eventually.

I’m expecting to lose money with these ads. I am planning to learn from those losses… and to work to turn them into victory (profit).

To do that, I have to start spending.

What Platform(s) to Use?

I’m most familiar with Facebook ads, so I’ll start there. I had “tried” in the past to do this without ads and I got a rude awakening, which is that people may not care about my music. I may need another angle. But also, I wasn’t super consistent about it.

Nowadays, after the COVID-19 pandemic, people are clinging even more to brands they trust according to my ads mentor Justin Brooke. They were already much more skeptical about online ads than a few years ago, according to my other ads mentor Jason Hornung.

So I’m preparing for a potentially rocky road, and planning to be in it for the long haul.

I would like to grow my LinkedIn network long term, so that’s another possible platform.

I have a couple videos with views in the 4 figures on YouTube. I’d like to start promoting those sooner than later.

But I’m already set up on Facebook, so… I went in and changed my “Healing Music Club” page to “@andygolayrelaxation”.

One of the convenient things about Facebook stuff is if you don’t know how to do something, you can Google it. You’ll usually get an official answer from FB. For example here’s what I got for “how to make a Facebook page”:

Now my @AndyGolayRelaxation page looks like this:

I’m considering running a campaign to get more followers and likes, to get started. Jason Hornung says he doesn’t do that to “pad the likes” but I kinda don’t want to see only 64 there.

The strategy is to run a Like campaign to less developed countries, such as India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Venezuela, etc.

One issue with it is the people who like your page are extremely unlikely to become buyers.

“Likes” are a vanity metric. You can’t cash Likes at the bank.

Ideally, Likes would happen as a byproduct of people actually doing business with you.

At the end of the day, if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.

Yet it may be the case be that if I have over 1K Likes and followers, people might take my brand more seriously which could lead to more dollars.

Also, I want to do a simple campaign to get started just to get ads going.

So, I’ll bite. I’ll start with a Page Likes campaign for today and see how it goes.

Setting Up Our Business And Ad Account

First I created a new business in Facebook Business Manager.

Under Business Settings, I added my page to my Business Manager account.

Next I’ll go through and delete old posts back from when I “tried” this in 2017. For example I had the so-called Spaciousness Suite for sale I don’t anymore, so I’ll delete that posts and hide irrelevant updates from the timeline.

Also under Business Settings, I’ll create a new Ad Account and add myself as an admin.

Facebook is so encouraging!

If you contact their Help Center chat, you get nonstop flattery. “You’re so smart!” type of rhetoric.

Creating And Installing A Pixel

The key to the Business Manager kingdom is the hamburger icon in the upper left.

I’d like to head right to Ads Manager but first we need to create a pixel.

A pixel is a piece of code that sites use to track what happens.

Under Data Sources, add a new pixel.

I’ll skip entering my website because I already know how to install a pixel on my site.

You can Google how to install a pixel for your website platform of choice. It should be easy. If not, you might want to get some tech help. Facebook does prompt you to install it when you create it. You might want to go ahead and install the base code it if you’re comfortable with that, to get it out of the way.

There should be some place like “Add Scripts” to add code in the <head> section of your website. Again, you can Google it, like “how to add FB pixel to Squarespace” or whatever, and follow the directions.

In WordPress with Thrive Themes, it’s as simple as finding Analytics & Scripts in my Thrive Dashboard…

… and then pasting the base code into the area before the closing </head> tag.

I also ticked the boxes to make sure it appears everywhere.

Creating The Page Likes Campaign

If you were browsing on Facebook, what ad would make you Like a page?

I’m going to do a video with the music. It’s possible that people might just watch the video instead of Liking the page, I’m not sure. We’ll see. It seems to me with video ads, people tend to get distracted away from what I want them to do.

Navigating to Ads Manager now.

Wow they really added a tab to make me look at COVID-19 stuff whenever I check on my ads, huh.

With the Campaigns tab selected, I hit the Create button, but I did not see Page Likes as an option.

So I Googled it. Facebook says to do it from my page. Alrighty.

Over at @AndyGolayRelaxation, I see the Promote button in the lower left.

Clicking it, there’s an option to “Promote Your Page” which brings me to this screen:

Okay so I guess videos are not even an option. It’s just an image and a description of the page.

The description matches the old brand, so let me update with something attractive. If you know about Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), this would be a good place for one.

While I’m thinking about that, I’ll switch to “Run this ad continuously” because I don’t know how long I’ll want to run this for, and I’ll adjust my audience for cheap likes. I’m also going to target women because… well, because I can.

There are many other countries to choose from for cheap likes, but I just want to get this done. Oh I guess we can choose a post from the page or use a video.

I’m not concerned about making this ad convert people to do anything other than like the page, so I’ll just keep it as the default.

I tried adding emojis but they where showing up as black diamonds with question marks in them, which looks ugly, so I’ll hold off on that.

Also noticing that under the headline I still see “Healing Music Club,” the old brand name, so… with any luck Facebook will fix that before showing people the ad. But again I’m not trying to make it perfect.

Alright looks good enough! FB thinks I’ll get a few hundred Likes per day.

I added my PayPal account and hit Publish in the lower right. The screen refreshed and gave me the option to Save Changes.

And it just refreshes again. Facebook does this sort of thing a lot, in my experience. It just doesn’t work, a ton of the time. One reason why I tend to avoid doing ads. Too damn frustrating to deal with their glitchy interface.

Apparently all the work I did might go to waste. Cool!

I closed it, opened it again, clicked Promote, it said it was submitting, but… I dunno.

Aha! I checked in Ads Manager and it’s In Review. So I guess it should start running sometime today.

One weird thing is that I have a “personal” Business Manager account which is associated with when I boost a post or run other ads from my page, such as this Likes campaign. (Would’ve been TWO campaigns charging me $10/day total, had I not checked!)… but when I run ads from within Business Manager. I can do it from within the business I set up with the pixel.

That seems convoluted and maybe not correct, so… yeah. Might need to untangle that at some point.

For now, I’d like to feel a sense of accomplishment and wrap up while I seem to have done something right. So I’m going to pull a Ron Popeil and…

I’ll check back on the ad later today.

However, as with any investment, it’s best not to constantly fret over it.

A watched pot never boils. Just plan your work and work your plan, and you’ll be making money moves like me in no time.

If we can make the money (and more money) move back into our pockets, all the better!

It won’t happen directly from this campaign, but the social proof from our up to thousands of page Likes may pay dividends down the line.

Again, this sort of campaign is not necessarily a best practice, but I want Likes! So I’m gonna get ’em, FB and God willing.