100 Days Of Ads Day 8: The Ask Methodology Deep Dive Survey

Yesterday I began my Facebook page Likes campaign.

Not to "buy Likes" but rather to buy exposure to people who may Like.

Aaaaand it's working! Yesterday morning I was at 64 Likes.


202 Likes / followers! Woot!

Getting popular... at about 5 cents per Like I'm looking at $100 for my first 2K Likes. Fair enough.

Reminder: These Likes will not make me money directly. They provide social proof for people who want to know they aren't the first ones to the party.

They may add value indirectly and so I consider that initial "dive into the water" campaign worth the investment. 

Who knows? Maybe some cheap Likes will buy and we'll grow together!

Human Psychology And Third-Grade Math 

These are the two things required for making money.

1. Human Psychology

2. Third-grade math

Credit Jason Hornung for teaching me that

What is "Human psychology?"


"Me me MEEEEEEE!!!!" comes to mind...

People want to feel good.

That's "human psychology."

"Hu" comes from "Humus"... like that Really Rich Dirt By The Side Of Some Awesome Rivers.

Not "hummus." That's just chickpeas, yo.

"Humus." Dirt. Sand. Organic Life.

"Man" comes from "Manna"... like Nutritious Stuff Falling From The Sky

Now that we're clear on what "Human" means, let's continue!

What Is "Third Grade Math?"

I'm a licensed math educator (grades 8 - 12) in Massachusetts so I should know this...

It's basic arithmetic.

If you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide... then you're good.

Human Psychology Is More Important Than Third Grade Math. But Third Grade Math Is Important Too.

 I learned human psychology as "Christ" and "Hermes" from Rudolf Steiner.

"Christ" is human psychology.

"Hermes" is third grade math.

Hermes is also kinda like Cupid...

Shooting the arrow.

People want Health, Wealth and Love.

As much as we all want "love"... we need to be healthy and at least a little wealthy... for that to happen.

"If you don't have your health, you don't have anything" 

- Hollywood people

Alright now that we've established the trifecta (HEALTH + WEALTH + LOVE)...

Let's ask what a SPECIFIC group of people what they want.

The "Ask Method"... How Can It Help Me?

The ask method means we don't just "push" products on people.

We "pull" information out of people first.

This information tells us what to sell to said people.

If you don't have Ryan Levesque's book Ask yet, I highly recommend picking up a copy.

You can start at Part 2 - Ask:  The Methodology. That's where the rubber meets the road.

The Deep Dive "Why?"

The first way we'll ask people to help us know what to sell them is called a "Deep Dive Survey."

There are a couple things Ryan points out that we should take into account:

  1. People hate taking surveys. They love taking quizzes. Making it about finding their "type" is one way to position your survey as a quiz.
  2. People aren't good at articulating what they want. They are good at talking about what they don't want and their past experiences.

Knowing those basics of human psychology... the Deep Dive "Why" is our reason for doing the survey.

For me, I want to understand what tools people are open to using to help them overcome stress and relax. I also want to know what they've tried in the past and what their goals are with respect to relaxation.

Your Single Most Important Question (SMIQ)

The first question will be open ended with a good size input field for respondents to type in.

Ryan gives an example on page 81 of Ask.

I'll model it to come up with my SMIQ:

What's your #1 single biggest relaxation challenge right now?

Please be as detailed and specific as possible. (Please go beyond saying "sleep" or "beat stress". The more specific and detailed you are, the more likely I'll be able to cover your topic 🙂

e.g. I'm sick of staying up worrying and having racing thoughts when I try to meditate, and want to know how to calmly approach xyz... 

{response field}

"Next" button

Percent progress meter

Your Buc​​​kets

I'd like to find what tools people have already used to try to relax. 

  • Massage?
  • Yoga?
  • Meditation?
  • Nature?
  • Exercise?
  • Going to bed earlier?
  • Other? ________{fill in}___________

I'd also like to know whether their big goal is to 

  • Meditate more deeply?
  • Get better sleep?
  • Create guided mediations?
  • Some or all of the above?
  • Other?

And maybe also their age range. That's getting to be four questions which is probably more than enough. I want to make sure we set people up to be able to finish the survey.


Should you offer some kind of prize for finishing the survey, like an Amazon gift card?

Ryan says no. The reason why is that you want people who are really interested in the topic your offers relate to. We don't want to dilute the data with responses from people who want something else.

He does say it's fine to offer a discount on the thing they're interested in, and you can do this as part of an email-opt-in process which is what I plan on doing.

The Game Plan

My plan is to run an ad with a video of some sample relaxation music, and offer a download of it for free so people can listen offline. Then when people go to claim it, before they put in their email address, I hit 'em with the survey.

That way I can start growing my list while getting surveys completed.

I've noticed that giving away a free audio can attract "freebie seekers" who just want a handout. 

By asking them the survey questions first, I let people work for it a little. I'll mention that I'll be asking them a few quick questions, in the ad, so that way people who would be repelled by needing to do that won't waste their or my time and energy.

I have a YouTube video of some relaxation music I can use... 

I'll download it from YouTube and re-upload to FB, because I've heard YouTube and FB don't play nicely together.

Next I'll create my landing page and survey.

I'm using Thrive Architect for the page and Thrive Quiz Builder for the quiz. 

In addition to those two plugins I also use Thrive Themes for my site's theme.

Their customer support isn't as good as my hosting provider WPX Hosting but they're decent and I really like their WordPress themes and plugins. Very user friendly and modern.

Creating The Quiz / Survey

I'll go through this quickly because I don't know who else is using Thrive Quiz Builder. You can use SurveyMonkey or whatever other software you prefer. One advantage of Thrive Quiz Builder is it's super easy to add an email opt-in form and connect your email list with a "List Building" quiz.

For the Result Evaluation Type, I'll choose "category" because we're putting people into buckets / categories.

As for style, Ryan suggests making the quiz look ugly so you're sure people who complete it are really interested in the topic itself. I don't know whether I agree with that advice or not.... lemme just pick a style

I added a splash plage to introduce people to the quiz...

I'll make the first question open ended with a medium-size text field. All questions will be required.

As I add more questions, I can move them around to arrange them. Maybe I want to ask their age last? First? Other?

Once the questions are done, I'll create an email opt-in form and connect it to my email list which I created in AWeber.

I'll create an AWeber campaign for subscribers who receive the tag "relaxationquiz" and I'll add a welcome email with a link to the audio I uploaded to the media library at AndyGolay.com. 

I'll add a "success" page that tells people to check their inbox after they submit their name and email address. I plan to add a Video Sales Letter there eventually, but for now I'll keep it simple.

Next I'll set that page as the destination subscribers are redirected to after sending the form. 

Testing The Quiz On A Live page

This step is super important because it helps us save money from sending people to broken pages.

I see "Powered by Thrive Quiz Builder" which I definitely want to remove so as not to distract quiz takers:

When I submit the quiz, I don't get an email... not sure why. 

Checking in AWeber, it appears that my tag relaxationquiz did not get added.

I'll try a shorter tag, "relax" and see if that works. 

Woo to the hoo!

I'm guessing what really happened is that I forgot to save it when I added the first one.

I'll set the campaign to trigger upon the "relax" tag now that I've changed it... and I got an email!

Need to fix the "from" field real quick in my list settings, though, because it has my old branding from when I was starting to try to sell my music back in 2017.

And our Deep Dive Survey is ready to rock!

The left-aligned page title looks ugly, which is a good thing according to Ryan, so I'll leave it 😀

Note: To advertise on Facebook, landing pages must have links to Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages, at least last time that I checked.

Getting Our Ads Set Up

Now that we have a way to give people our Deep Dive Survey, get them onto our email list, and send them their welcome gift, we're ready to drive traffic.

I'll go into my Business Manager, open Ads Manger, and create a new campaign.

I'll name it "Deep Dive Survey", turn on CBO, and set the budget for $5 / day.

My ad account isn't even set up yet so it's prompting me to do that, and I don't see my pixel. 

So I go into Business Settings > Data Sources > Pixels, find my pixel and add the ad account to it.

Starting the campaign creation process over, I see that I don't have a conversion set up. Makes sense, because I didn't set any up 🙂

I'll create a custom conversion for people who visit the Success page and I'll name the conversion "subscriber".

(The only way for people to land on the Success page is if they subscribe.)

If the URL (web address) contains "success" then it must be the Success page because no other pages on the site have that word in them. 

I saved the conversion as "subscriber" and exited out back to Ads Manager... and I don't see the conversion as an option, so for now I'll skip it and set up my ad.

I'll select Single Image or Video and upload the vid I got from my YouTube channel.

I won't bother with a Headline or Description... just Primary Text, and I'll make the button read "Download." I've heard "Learn More" tends to be the most effective one, but Download felt appropriate to me for this.

I just want to get something going, so I'm not going to spend too much time on targeting. I'll just select an interest called Music for Deep Meditation, and the countries US, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Jason Hornung advises targeting one country at a time but again I just kinda want to do it this way. 

I'll also select WiFi only for people on mobile. People out and about on their cell phones are probably unlikely to take the quiz. I'd rather target Desktop only but I don't see that option so I'll skip it.

Which reminds me, I'd better see how the quiz looks on my phone. Okay I checked... It's fine.

I published the ad, and we are In Review!

You may hear people teach to test multiple creatives (images or videos) and messaging, but it can be overwhelming to have to do that.

Jason Hornung teaches to test just one. 

Sam Ovens and Justin Brooke say multiple variants of each to create up to 30 combinations, say if you do 5 different creatives and 6 different messages.

That could be a good idea.

But I feel that just getting something out there is better than nothing, if it adds value to the Facebook user's experience and makes sense to put in place for your business.


There you have it!

A Facebook ad set up to drive traffic to an Ask Methodology Deep Dive Survey with email lead generation.