Online Advertising Essentials

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The essentials of online advertising

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Market Research

The most important thing to do before you launch, market research helps you understand your future customers so that you can sell to them effectively.

Market Overview

The Market Overview gives you a look at the competitive landscape of your market so you can see what others businesses are doing to solve the problems you desire to help people solve. From there you can take steps to stand out from the crowd.

Customer Avatar

Create a virtual customer and walk a mile in their shoes.

2 Lessons

Your Offer

How to develop and present your offer(s)

Buyer Pains vs Tire Kicker Pains

Who's IN vs who's going to waste your energy

Writing Your Offer

How to write a sizzling offer that hits home for your target audience

1 Lesson

Your Ads

Where the pudding gets made

Profitable Facebook Ads Case Study / Demo

Video showing a campaign I set up with 1.82 / 1 Return On Ad Spend. (This campaign has only been running for a couple days so the results may not be statistically significant. Your results may vary.)