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This music can help adults, children and pets relax!

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Hello, my friend,

The above chart is from a quiz I sent out. If you're reading this, I believe you took it (unless you were already on the email list).

If not, that's okay. I've gotten a significant number of responses at this point. And I have seen clear patterns that guide me in how to help. 

As you can see, most people who responded would like to sleep better.

Beating stress and meditating are also big desires.

What I'm offering today will address all three of those pieces of the pie, as well as the other sliver in case you are a healing professional.

When I Asked, "What's Your #1 Single Biggest Challenge With Relaxation?" Here Are The Main Ideas You Responded With.

  • Health issues (fibromyalgia, tense body, degenerative disk disease, kidney illness, fasciitis)
  • Mind racing, "maelstrom of thoughts," can't focus on work then start thinking about work at night, "can't switch my mind off"
  • Sleep pattern disrupted, not being able to sleep the hours you want, not wanting to wake up until noon
  • Stress, anxiety, depression due to about other's health problems and challenges in the world, thinking about loved ones we miss, life changing experiences, overwhelm with being a caregiver, can't handle the news
  • Worrying about the fact that you need to relax but not being able to do it, having too much time and not being busy enough during lockdown

Here's What People I Asked Have Tried So Far To Help Get Better More Healing Sleep And Relaxation

  • Herbal sleeping tablets, CBD, valerian, melatonin, natural medications, pills, alcohol / wine, weed, Nytol, Ambien, lavender essential oil, warm milk, chamomile tea
  • Meditating, mindfulness, journaling, bio-feedback, lavender candles, art, making the room totally dark, hypnosis, visual meditation, no electronics before bed, kitty cats
  • Soothing music including indian flute, Enya, Clannad, whale song, fairy music, white noise, ocean, gong, sound bath, Yoga Nidra, EFT water and forest sounds, radio
  • Going to church, going to beach, art, gardening to be closer to nature, exercise on bike, yoga, Tai Chi, walking
  • Going to bed early, resting or napping during the day

Some Great Solutions In There. I've Discovered Something Amazing To Tie It All Together For You.

First of all, although I'm I licensed heath educator (all ages, Massachusetts)... I'm not a medical doctor.

I feel a responsibility to study what medical professionals have to say, whenever I teach people anything about heath.

Sounds reasonable, right?

For the issue of better sleep and relaxation, I went ahead and enrolled in a course on improving your sleep offered by Harvard Medical School.

As an odd “coincidence”... right after I started offering the free music in exchange for your relaxation question answers and email address, Harvard Medical School emailed me about it.

I wasn’t always “Doctor Friendly”... avoided them like the plague for years.

But life-threatening health problems forced me back into the Dr's office, and I’m happy to report I like my Primary Care Physician and a lot of what doctors have to offer, now!

When doctors say something that seems to make sense, I listen!

In the course I took, here are the solutions Harvard Medical School recommends for better sleep. Many Of Which You're Already Trying:

  • Take naps when needed

  • Sleep diary / journal:
    • Can help you uncover clues about what’s disturbing your sleep
    • Note what time you go to bed and wake up each day for 2 weeks to a month
    • Lists of meds you took, alcohol, when and how long exercise, what time you stopped looking at tv shows and electric devices, stresses encountered during day
  • Lifestyle management:
    • Cut back on caffeine
    • Don’t smoke
    • Don’t drink too much alcohol
    • Do exercise and do it early.
    • Avoid late-night eating and excessive fluids, which can cause you to have to get up
    • Manage acid reflux
  • Night-time rituals:
    • Soft calming music
    • Bath
    • Easy stretches
    • Mindfulness meditation: focus on breathing, mind in presence, proven effective for battling insomnia

Taking Your Relaxation To The Next Level

I was happy to see Harvard recommend relaxation techniques such as comforting night-time rituals.

It reminded me of something I learned years ago, which fits perfectly here.

In his landmark book The Relaxation Response, Dr. Herbert Benson writes “I envision a future in which medicine is as sturdy as a three-legged stool, balanced equally by three healing resources - medications, surgery and other medical procedures, and self-care approaches. Ideally, medicine would call upon self-care for 60 to 90 percent of the everyday problems that patients experience.”

He had noticed that the medication he would give patients with high blood pressure, often made them faint or become dizzy.

This prompted him to develop a technique for relaxing. It’s a simple meditation technique I’ll explain here.

Relaxation-response techniques, such as meditation, yoga, and prayer, could reduce the need for health care services by 43 percent, according to a study at Massachusetts General Hospital.

If you could do something simple and easy that reduced your need for medications, surgeries, and other medical procedures by 43%, would you do it?

I hope that's a "Yes!" If so, congratulations on making a wise choice.

Here’s how, straight from the good doctor. (Note, I'm not affiliated with Dr. Benson.)

Here's A Summary of Dr. Benson's Technique, In Case You Prefer Reading?

To evoke the relaxation response, break the train of everyday thinking.

Have a repetition and disregard other thoughts when they come to mind.

In your language, choose a word or sound or prayer or phrase.

Secular words include “peace” “love” “gentle” and “calm”

If you’re more religiously inclined, something like

Catholic: “Hail Mary Full of Grace”

Jewish: “Shalom” ​

Hindu: “Om”

Tibetan: "Om Mani padme hum"

Christian: “Jesus is Lord” ​

Or whatever mantra / saying works for you. These are just examples.

Close eyes, relax all muscles, shrug shoulders around.

Sit at ease without movement and breathe slowly

Each time breath comes out, say silently to yourself your chosen word or phrase.

All sorts of other thoughts will come in. That’s natural.

If you get distracted, don’t be upset, just say “Oh well” and go back to the repetition. 

That's it! It's simple but powerful to help focus your mind on something that can help you deeply relax.

If you get deeply relaxed, and let go of worry, you will receive benefits similar to sleep whether or not you actually "fall asleep." 

Let's stop worrying and start relaxing!

The Relaxation Response Method + Soothing Music = zzz...

Dr. Benson's technique is meant to be used any time you want to relax. 

Now suppose you want to relax very deeply, to lull yourself into restorative sleep.

Relaxing music on YouTube or Spotify can be great - there are some people I listen to regularly on there... nothing wrong with that. But then you need to be online and may have to deal with ads.  

What if you could download soothing music to listen anywhere, on any device, online or offline? 

That's exactly why I created Soundbath.

When you purchase Soundbath today, you'll receive eight audio downloads... over eleven hours of healing music. Here's the sample video again for your convenience:

  1. 1
    ​Spirit Emerging - Imagine gentle spiritual beings floating up from the primordial sea, rising into your awareness, intent to help you transcend all stress and worry and enjoy full bliss and peace. Audio (mp3) length: 26:58. Starts at 1:31 in sample video
  2. 2
    ​Spirit Alighting, With Rain Sounds - I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open while listening to this one as I write. Calming chimes plus drops of gentle rain? Off to Sleepytown we go! Audio (mp3) length: 1:07:39. Starts at 2:42 in sample video
  3. 3
    Spacious Breath - In... and out.... In... and out... Breathe in... and... breathe out... becoming more and more present as we shift into slumber or deep inner calm. Audio (mp3) length: 28:00. Starts at 3:41 in sample video
  4. 4
    Spacious Flow - Liquid tones wash over you, cleansing away stress, bathing your sprit, as you swim in a sea of love. Audio (mp3) length: 13:08. Starts at 1:31 in sample video
  5. 5
    Spacious Soaring - Flying high in the spiritual sky, looking over all the Earth... You are whisked away into the horizon and you connect in Oneness with All that You are, to infinity and beyond. Audio (mp3) length: 30:08. Starts at 5:34 in sample video
  6. 6
    Spacious Home - This track facilitates resting in your safe, happy place... and letting the relaxing melody sing you back home. Audio (mp3) length: 21:09. Starts at 6:52 in sample video
  7. 7
    7 Hours of 741 Hz Sleep Music: Enjoy this gentle soundscape with speakers or headphones on low volume, using a frequency believed by many to ease the expulsion of energetic toxins in your sleep. Audio (mp3) length: 7:29:07. Starts at 8:09 in sample video
  8. 8
    Angels Within: Angelic energies descend, enter our world, and perform chakra balancing work in this suite of three soothing activations I combined into one long track for your convenience and delight. Audio (mp3) length: 1:20:10. Starts at 9:03 in sample video

Andy Golay  //  Composer & Producer

I was stressed due to health and life complications... and with the "new normal" happening around the world.

So I began listening to my own music. I found it helped me calm down, focus on the important things, and get good, healing rest.

Now I'm sharing it with you. 

I hope this music helps to elevate your energy in many ways, from stress relief and breaking negative patterns, to sound healing sleep, and much more.

Andy Golay

What Are Others Saying About My Relaxation Music?

Here are some comments on one track I share for free (which you received after completing the quiz I sent out):

My dad uses my music for sleep and meditation!

I shared some Soundbath songs with my father, and here's what he said:

"Hi Andy, I used your music to help me go to sleep last night and meditate this morning, thanks for sharing with us!"

He's been stressed about some recent event. I'm thankful I've been able to help him with this music. I hope and pray that it blesses you too.

The Best Time to Start Getting Deep Sleep is Tonight!

If you're ready to step into bliss-filled sleep and stress-free relaxation, the click "I Say Yes!" below to check out. I'm offering a 60-day money back guarantee. No hassles, no questions. Just your complete satisfaction or a full refund.

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To make this a no-brainer, I have decided to take all the risk for you. If you don't get the relaxation and rest you need within 60 days, just let me know by replying to any email I send, and I'll give you a prompt refund.

Andy Golay

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this healing music be delivered to me after I purchase, and how long will it take?

Which Soundbath song is most effective for getting restorative sleep?

Are these songs on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby, etc?

How long is each healing music track?

Do I need to use headphones or high-quality speakers?

What is the file format of the downloads?

Are There Any Bonuses?


1. You can use any of this music for commercial purposes. Just don't re-sell tracks without some kind of spoken words over them. Please give credit to Andy Golay as the creator on the download page of any audio downloads you sell involving this music.

2. I have a surprise bonus for you which I'll offer you after you purchase Soundbath.​​​​

PS: in addition to these bonuses, you receive all eight tracks listed above, for a total of over 11 hours of healing music!

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